Services for Retailers


Licensing Market and Properties - Contacts and Network

As a retailer, you are of course very well informed about all current and future Licensing Properties. But how can you stay up to date when planning your promotional slots? Are there, apart from blockbusters that are announced and planned in the long term, further IP´s that are worth keeping an eye on them?

CONRAD ENTERPRISES collects and summarizes all relevant information from licensors and agents, also discretely if you wish.


For your business/ team

As the Head of Buying or the Category Manager, you mostly are the key contact person for licensors and licensing agents.

Let us also train your team in all relevant aspects of Licensing & Merchandising. This can help you to maximize your success at the POS. Depending on your organization, decision makers of your buying association partners or your regional/market managers can also be trained – Also as presentation/ speech at your strategy meeting or in-house exhibition.

For you

Of course, Coaching & Sparring services are also available to you as an individual retail executive. Be it to prepare your organization for the first steps in Licensing & Merchandising or to further maximize existing sales and revenue potentials.


Use short, concise texts with key messages for the featured properties in your advertising brochures, your website, or your online shop. Your mailing to regional and/or market managers may also profit from CONRAD ENTERPRISES text creation.
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