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Brand Development - Licensing Strategies - Market Entry - Master-Toy

The characters of a television series, a movie, or of a digital application, heroes from books or a design concept – your intellectual property is your brand. Would you like to build an image, expand your scope, or open-up new sales potentials?

Do you already have an established and successful international Licensing Property and are you looking for opportunities to expand your business into the German speaking markets?

CONRAD ENTERPRISES is here to work with you on defining and implementing a long-term strategy that will promise maximum success for your brand, both for building it as well as maintenance for its entire life cycle.

In so doing, you will be using veteran experience in the international Licensing & Merchandising – business and starting a strong partnership among equals.

The development of i.e. a book or design license into a media brand is the door opener for international brand expansion. What needs to be prepared for this to happen? Who are the right contact persons? How to make the right decisions in the constantly changing media environment? Use the experience of CONRAD ENTERPRISES and take advantage of comprehensive advice and be accompanied conceptually.

Profit from our experience with the conception and closing of international Master Toy Licensing contracts. In a market that is strongly dominated by IP´s of the major studios, the potential of European brands for international toy distribution is often underestimated. CONRAD ENTERPRISES will work with you to identify such potential and develop strategies, in order to expand your brand into the toy market.


For your business/ team

As a company owner, director or manager, you are already strongly established in the Licensing & Merchandising business. Secretly, you find yourself and/or your team constantly getting bogged down in new projects. Do you want to give new inspiration to your business as a motivating leader or together with your team? Use individual or group discussions in order to impulse, plan and implement strategies that make the difference.

The service spectrum in Coaching & Sparring also includes compact trainings for your licensing sales trainees and junior executives. Your new team members can be prepared for the complex Licensing & Merchandising business, whether uniquely or in groups, without too many capacities being tied in your organization.

For You

Of course, the Coaching & Sparring services are available to you as an individual as well. As a senior Licensing & Merchandising executive, you may not have enough time to think in peace about the opportunities and roads outside already trodden paths. Often an impetus is enough, sometimes we will travel the way to new success stories together. Trust here in human competence, patience and discretion.


CONRAD ENTERPRISES offers you services for your product and business communication that are tailored to your strategies and needs:

Conception of texts for press releases, newsletters and mailings, or the preparation of advertorials for branch magazines. Use words that grab existing and potential customers and bind them to your company and / or products.

In so doing, your reliance in CONRAD ENTERPRISES doesn´t have to stop at the written word. You can also put the moderation of your event or product launch in competent and experienced hands.
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